Over One Million Dollars In Settlements For My Clients:  a few recent cases:

Dog Bite                                                         $150,000.00

Car Accident                                               $100,000.00

Motorcycle Accident                            $475,000.00

Slip and Fall                                                $325,000.00

Sexual Assault                                             $20,000.00

​Slip and Fall                                                   $25,000.00

Assault/Battery                                          $40,000.00

Sexual Assault                                             $25,000.00

Slander                                                                  $5000.00

Motorcycle Accident                             $125,000.00

Negligent/Electrical Fire                    $150,000.00

Wrongful Death-Car Accident         $300,000.00

And Many More Cases based on Sexual Assault, Negligence, Personal Injury, Slander, Car Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents etc., have been settled. Insurance companies do not make money giving it away, consult with and then hire Joseph Kelly Levasseur, Esquire to handle your case. Attorney Levasseur is very selective and patient when it comes to getting you the settlement you deserve.  In almost all cases there is no out-of-pocket expense to you. Attorney Levasseur handles the upfront costs of expert(s), depositions, filing fees, witness fees, travel fees, litigation expenses and only gets reimbursed for upfront expenses if you settle or win your case at jury. His fee is then based on you getting paid. If you do not get paid Attorney Levasseur does not get paid either. So call Attorney Levasseur now at 603-622-7575 or email him for a quicker response at Jrwaa2@aol.com to set up an appointment and discuss YOUR case!

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